Chance the Rapper’s masterpiece ‘Coloring Book’ has gone platinum on Spotify

Chance the Rapper’s ‘Coloring Book’, which is undoubtedly one of the best albums of the last five years, has finally reached the still-relevant platinum designation.

In today’s industry terms, platinum means the Chicago MC has reached 1.5 billion streams on Spotify, according to Chart Data, which is no easy accomplishment.

The rapper celebrated by showing his gratitude on Twitter.

While a billion streams is great, Spotify and other streaming services still don’t have great payout numbers, according to Digital Music News. Updated for 2019, each Spotify stream earns artists an average of $0.00473 per play, the website says.

Still, Chance has plenty to celebrate, and he’s dropping a new album in July, so those numbers are sure to rise by year’s end. We’re certainly here for it.