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OMB is a subscription service web site for aspiring artists of all ages and music categories: Rock, Hip-Hop, Rap, Gospel, Christian, New Age, Jazz, R&B, Pop, Goth, Bluegrass, Country, Techno, Latin, and many others. With your subscription, you will learn valuable tips and techniques on How To Be Successful In The Music Industry. INFORMATION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS, AND WE HAVE IT!

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  • In radio broadcasting, a spin is a single play of a song. Light rotation typically airs 5–15 times per week, while medium rotation airs 10-25 times per week, and heavy rotation airs at least 25 or more spins each week.
  • Nielsen SoundScan tracks the sales of music and music video products throughout the U.S. and Canada. Nielsen sales data is collected from over 14,000 retail, mass merchant, and non-traditional (online stores, venues, etc.) outlets weekly.
    - Track your retail, digital, and venue popularity
  • OMB will teach you the best ways to market and promote your music to the masses! Learn how to buy TV ads starting at $8, radio ads starting at $20, and how to drive traffic back to your own website!
  • Being verified on social media is something that everyone wants, yet very few ever see that mysterious blue tick show up on their account Social Media Verification is vital when it comes to protecting your brand. Being Verified on social media is a very important part of building a reputable brand.
  • Learn what steps are needed for the YouTube partnership program known as YPP! With a monetized channel artist and content, creators are tapping into a whole new source of income that can be profitable on many levels.
  • Facebook ad breaks allow you to monetize your Facebook video content. Ad breaks are short ads (in the form of pre-roll, mid-roll, and image ads) inserted at natural breaks in your eligible video content. Facebook pages are now earning 4–5 figures in revenue from ad breaks.