RecordRadar app gives your Spotify playlist retro feel

In 2019, everything is (or should be) digital first.

Maybe the most prevalent application of this philosophy is our music collections, which have undergone significant changes in the last decade-plus. Before, new albums were released on Tuesdays, and you would have to buy an album and hope it was good and that was it.

Now, you can sign up to have your favorite artist’s new album downloaded directly to your phone at midnight on its release date. While this is better for reducing unnecessary clutter and saving money, it certainly feels less personal than owning a physical copy of a CD or record.

The RecordRadar app seeks to bring that feeling back. The app is designed to take your self-curated Spotify playlist and help you find a record store that will bring your tracks to life, somewhat literally. Meaning: Your playlist no longer has to be digital only.

Visit the RecordRadar website or download the app today to get started!