Sample Barcode Page

WHTV is a distributor, we can give UPC Barcodes to the albums we are distributing. When artist are  assign  a barcode, WHTV sends information to Nielsen  SoundScan the information of that album that release, (Artist Name, Album Title, Release Date, Parent Label, Sub Label, Format, Selling Price.) Your Label /WHTV is listed as “Parent Label” – and your  information is listed as Sub Label  you are not tied are bonded to our companies in any way.

A U.P.C. Bar Code Symbol is a pattern of black bars with white spaces below which are numbers. The numbers are encoded in the symbol and uniquely identify the product. U.P.C. Symbol DetailsThis group of numbers is referred to as a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN). The symbol is read by scanners in retail stores to capture the GTIN, which is used in conjunction with computer systems to track sales and product orders. The GTIN in a U.P.C. Bar Code Symbol is always 12-digits in length.Information provided by Uniform Code Council.